Top 5 Janod Toys Kids Will Love

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If you don’t know who Janod are, then you are in the right place to find out. They are a French company who create high quality wooden and cardboard toys for children 12 months and over. Their toys allow children to have fun and learn at the same time. They do such a wide range of toys, so I’ll admit; it’s been hard to pick 5. But let’s get into it, what are Toy Streets top 5 Janod toys for little ones?

Sweet Cocoon Shapes And Colours Dog

Not only is this wooden dog aesthetically pleasing (and adorable) but it’s also an amazing way to learn about all kinds of colours and shapes. It contains two levels of difficulty and is a very efficient way of learning. They must line up each identical shape by twisting and turning the cylinders. With felt ears, this high quality toy is a must have for any child 2 years and over.

My First Egg Cup

Eggs and new foods being introduced to little ones is a scary thing for them. It’s not surprising if it’s something new they have never had before then it might make them uncomfortable with new tastes and textures! My First Egg Cup is a physically appealing wooden egg set. Honestly just take a look and see if you can resist…

Rocking Elephant

This rocking elephant features an anti-tip system so it is almost impossible to fall over (there’s always one… haha I’m joking). It is easy to tuck away and develops kids imaginative play, coordination and balance. There is also a removable safety guard for when those little ones decide they want to group up to fast and grow out of it.

Sweet Cocoon Cart With ABC Blocks

This is a cool double feature toy that includes two toys in one for a great price! Again, how pleasing is it to look at? Janod have outdone themselves! With it containing both alphabet blocks and an abacus for coordination. It ALSO aids with children learning how to walk as they can push this along and learn their ABCs in no time.

Sweet Cocoon Xylo Roller

To encourage musical and sound development, this Xylo Roller is a great little toy. It is small and compact enough to just tuck away, but it is also on wheels so realistically it can go anywhere! Your child can learn and find their passion for music with this beautiful pastel coloured toy.

Thank you very much for giving this list a read and feel free to check out the rest of the Janod range.

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